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It is not easy to start your own business. Our story

Starting a business is a journey full of ups and downs, and ours has been no exception. Fresh out of UCL, completing the intensive course for entrepreneurs, we, two sisters, were excited and ready to launch or rather expand our second business, TheraFitLondon This introduces a blended approach (Psychological therapy combined with Fitness under one roof).

With visions of success in our minds, we began the search for appropriate premises in London, contacting the appropriate people and making endless phone calls, sending emails, viewing properties. The prices were astronomical and we started feeling demotivated. Then we found a lovely place in Highbury and Islington and we were so happy. We exchanged endless emails with an agent – negotiating, compromising, and so on and finally the day came when we were about to exchange contracts. Unfortunately, at the last moment, the agent cancelled, saying that they felt that it was risky for them to lease the property given that it was a brand new business.

We were devastated, having already visualised our business in that space and even shared our excitement on our website and LinkedIn.

However, after a couple of hours of feeling demotivated and finding excuses for dropping the whole thing, or waiting to expand the business, and then my sister’s decision to pull out which made me feel increasingly anxious about the future of the project. Nevertheless after all this drama we decided to get back on track and continued searching for properties that would fit our vision and budget.

We signed up with different initiatives available for the encouragement of small businesses in London. We had to learn about the many requirements and regulations, about writing business plans, managing social media effectively, attending various networking events, contacting relevant people who might be interested in our product, and so on and so on. The Mayor of London’s office was incredibly helpful, connecting us with the right people and providing invaluable guidance.

Each step of the way brought a mix of excitement and anxiety. I had my own moment of drama when I thought that we could not afford to run a big project; I began to question my business ability. Then I received a phone call from Irina, screaming in my ear that she had found another property that seemed promising due to its size, although it wasn’t in the best condition. That news changed my mind and we were back on track.

Finally, after relentless searching and endless learning, we discovered a massive place in King's Cross. The property felt right, and support from a kind landlady and helpful agents made us optimistic. We are now on the brink of signing the contract, cautiously hopeful that this marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Our journey has been long and filled with learning, but we are ready to take this next step with renewed determination and it is only the beginning ……

So bear with us and we will be posting our journey, exciting and challenging. In the meantime, please start following our TheraFit London page.

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