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Emotional Intensity

Emotional Intensity 

Feelings are a core element of a person. This makes a person humble, affectionate, loveable, angry, avoidable, and much more. In essence, your feelings reflect what kind of person you are. Also, feelings ensure we understand what will be your position and behavior in different aspects of your life. We have heard about many regarding their attachment to several things. For many, attachment is more toward people whereas for some it is towards their favorite things. Either way, being over-attached can lead to troubles especially mentally. 


What is Emotional Intensity? 

Showing emotions is a natural aspect of a person’s life. But to balance, this emotion is the key to maintaining mental health and stability. If a person is emotionally active, it is a good omen. However, for an emotionally intense person, it can go wrong for them in many ways. An emotionally intense person undergoes deep states of happiness, anger, and pain. There is no balance in these stages of emotions and their reaction is always abundant. 

It is a fact that emotionally intense persons face more hardships and troubles. This is a result of their nature that develops from being deep in relationships. What others feel is normal is not the same to them. In essence, a person that is not emotionally intense has a barrier around him that protects him from developing such thoughts. And also helps them to wave off any threat to their mental stability. On the contrary, an emotionally intense person does not have this barrier that protects them. They are born vulnerable to being carried away through emotional thoughts and feelings. 

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Signs and Symptoms 

Now you have known that an emotionally intense person is prone to many simple feelings and things. In essence, something that goes around them can carry them away easily. However, to understand what are the signs and symptoms of emotional intensity feeling, consider the following:

  • People suffering from this intense feeling can easily move with a film, art, and story. You see such people often around yourself that begin to cry watching emotional movies and while reading emotional stories. 

  • World stories also easily move such people. A tragedy happening anywhere in the world can easily move them emotionally. If anyone is in pain in any part of the world, such a feeling also leaves an impact on them mentally. 

  • In essence, these people like to have deep and long conversations. This method gives them the freedom to express themselves. 

  • Their emotions are big. This is especially in cases of being sad, angry, crying, ecstatic, and furious. 

  • Another common sign is that these people find it hard that others do not give a thought to feelings and scenarios that are bigger to them. 

  • Mood shift is swift for such people. You can easily observe them from sad to happy quickly and vice versa. 

  • Another find characteristic that emotionally intense people undergo is that of being intuitive. If they find anyone in pain, they feel as if they are in this pain along with them. 

  • Others will commonly tell them that they are being ‘dramatic’ and ‘oversensitive’. In fact, these two states are what describe such a mentality. 

Emotional Intensity in Relationships 

For an individual, dealing with emotional intensity is different than being in a relationship. In relationships, your habit and behavior have a direct effect on your partner and how your relationship unfolds with them. In essence, while being in a relationship, emotional intensity can look like this:

  • Such persons give their all in a relationship. They show the utmost feelings of loyalty and caring but often overwhelm others. 

  • These people rush into a relationship with ease and develop an instant connection with someone. And in an instant, they feel like they are in true love, or love intensity. 

  • Just like in the case of love, they indulge in friendships swiftly likewise. Also, like in love, they believe that their friends are their soulmates instead. 

  • Both the states of love and friendship finish in a moment for them. And they become all alone with their thoughts of emotional intensity. 

  • A common drawback of emotionally intense people is that they are oversharing. Their oversharing habit goes to the extent that they share their intimate feelings and moments with others. 

  • Being overreacting is what makes a person emotionally intense. A common example of this nature is that during a date, being slightly late triggers this feeling of theirs. 

  • For such people, being in a relationship means being involved in constant highs and lows. 

  • A final feeling that most of us that are not emotionally intense also go through is being in a company of a loved one, all the time. 

How to Handle Emotional Intensity? 

It is not easy to handle emotional intensity if you cannot think outside of the box. To convert your negative thoughts into positive action, you need to be accepting this change

1.Use the Feelings of Great Intensity in a Productive Way 

In emotional intensity, it is common to be sensitive, overthinking, and sympathetic. Instead of considering these feelings in a relationship as problematic, convert them into something positive. Like, you can think intensely of making art or volunteering somewhere

2.Bring Out Your Emotions 

It is also necessary to bring out your emotions yourself. You can think outside the box like performing dancing, making art, and singing. If you cannot keep your emotions inside, try bringing them out positively. 

3.Remove Troubling Choices 

Being emotionally intense has nothing to do with your habits. However, leaving these habits can have an impact on you greatly. If you like being drunk, try skipping this habit and it can be beneficial to keep your mind strengthening. 

4.Live in the Present 

Emotional thoughts always arise when your mind stays in the past or any such incident. However, by keeping your mindfulness active, you can learn to stay in the present. And this will help you become less intense. 

5.Always Remain Open to Support 

Finally, if you cannot adopt a change yourself, simply leave the door open for support. This support is mostly present in the form of therapies. 

Does Having Emotional Intensity Means You Need Therapy? 

Emotional intensity can be treated both by yourself and by therapy. It depends if you can handle your behavior and thoughts yourself. In the early stages of emotional intensity, it is easy to avoid negative thoughts by bringing your mind in the right direction. However, if you get deeper into this thought, you need proper counseling such as therapies. Therapies help you get your mind sorted. And therapists use professional methods to help you express your feelings. Both an individual and a person in a moods relationship can seek therapy to help emotional intensity. However, most people in a relationship head for counseling therapies. 

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