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Couple Therapy

Couples Therapy 

Being in a relationship involves intimacy, love, care, respect, and knowing what your partner needs. Many people in a relationship love the essence of intimacy. However, things begin to fall in a relationship when a partner does not get what they need from a relationship. Things start to fall apart and boundaries begin to establish. But the essence of love and the matter of it remains yet something does not feel alright. 

The issues that a couple faces can be internal and external. Internal factors mostly are when both the partners are working persons and their routines do not match. With reduced physical interaction, love reduces and stress takes over. External factors mostly result when couples find themselves exposed to others in how they go about their relationships. In short, things can fall apart quickly and in the minute ways possible.

In such a case, a couple needs proper counseling such as in couples therapy. You may have heard about family therapy where all the members of a family are involved to express their thoughts. This also goes in a way that individual members of a family are involved in a one-on-one session. Couples therapy is the exact thing where a couple is involved in therapy sessions to deal with relationship issues. 

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How Couple Therapy Helps a Relationship 

Couples can undergo a stage where their relationship is not taking them where want to go with it. Although love exists, there is no natural feeling among partners. It seems as if the essence of the relationship does not help them in any way. In such a case, couple therapy is the feasible solution. Therapists plan, undergo, and use several methods to involve couples in discussing the troubles they experience in a relationship. 

Therapists are professional personnel that knows how to handle issues in a relationship perfectly. Often, the partners cannot identify what they are lacking or what it is that is troubling their relationship. In essence, even if they know the cause that is troubling their relationship, they cannot reach a genuine conclusion. Here, professional therapists use your thoughts and issues and predict the best possible solutions for you. 

In essence, marriage counseling London helps you in significant ways. Such therapy helps and solves many relationship issues such as below:

  • Partners undergoing relationship issues, do not have a solution, and want someone to provide a feasible solution

  • When a relationship is about to end and partners are trying in the hope to make things work out

  • When a relationship is about to end but partners want to end it in a good manner

  • Couples facing intimacy issues in a relationship 

  • Or when partners want to make a long-term commitment to a relationship but want to improve the relationship first

What does a Couple Therapist do? 

Couple therapists are professionals that deal with issues in a relationship with couples. Their expertise lies in solving issues that may be smaller or deeper in a relationship. Often, it is not only about saving a relationship from ending. In most cases, it is about bringing the relationship back on track or bringing it on track instantly. However, some cases also involve where partners deciding it is time to end the relationship but seeking the guidance of a therapist to end it on a high. All such matters and issues are what therapists deal with. 

In a relationship, the most important factor is to know when to consult a therapist. Partners try to deal with their problems on their own and end up worsening the situation. Thus, when they finally reach a therapist, the relationship is hanging by a straw. A relationship therapist London provides the right suitable environment through their sessions that allow partners to express their feelings. Considering the necessity, therapists can arrange one-to-one sessions with partners individually to conclude. Lastly, their primary use comes in providing couples with the right solution. It is like even if a couple decides to part ways, it must be done in a better way especially if children are involved. 

How Couple Therapy in London Works?

Couples therapy London works significantly to reduce the barriers in a relationship. In essence, such a therapy focuses on many building blocks and smaller elements that make the bigger picture. Here is what such therapy does for you. 

  • Change Relationship Views 

The primary factor of visiting a therapist is to get a different view of what you are facing in a relationship. Your therapist may provide a better picture of a relationship to you such as to stop complaining. 

  • Change Your Behavior 

Most partners can get to a point where they become physically in a relationship. The therapist works well to ensure that you do not go to such an extent in your life. 

  • Reduce Emotional Avoidance 

Partners also tend to avoid expressing their true feelings to each other. They feel that expressing these feelings will make them effective with each other. But by not exposing their feelings they become emotionally distant. Couples counseling London works well in allowing them to express these feelings. 

  • Improving Communication

The right method of communication is necessary for a relationship. Most relationships lack this tone from both partners. And communication means to ensue your partner knows whatever is going on in your life. This essence is essential that is dealt with in the best couples therapy London. 

What does a Session of Couple Therapy Involve? 

Therapies begin with the basic details such as what has bought a couple like you for counseling. In essence, during sessions, therapists involve basic questions to allow your involvement. How you respond helps your therapist determine the solution for you. Some commonly asked questions in relationship counseling London sessions involve:

  • What issues have you been experiencing in your relationship?

  • What has been the duration that these issues have been troubling your relationship?

  • Have you been involved in relationship counseling before?

  • What have been the efforts that you and your partner adopted to solve the issues?

  • What do you expect from this counseling?


Why do we need couples therapy?

Couples therapy is necessary when partners are facing difficulties in their relationship and cannot find solutions. To avoid making them bigger, it is better to consult a therapist. 

How many sessions do we have to attend for couples therapy?

The general length of a therapy session is 12. However, the average session range is 12 to 20. 

How often do we have couple therapy?

Couple therapy usually happens once every week with each session lasting for about 45 to 60 minutes. 

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