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About Us

About Us

Our clinical team of experts is selected carefully from a diverse range of backgrounds, with extensive training in Psychology and Psychotherapy. All members of the team apply an idiographic approach to tailor the needs of each individual client. Our practice is informed by empirical research which is evidence-based with the aim to better understand our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our psychologists and therapists are experts in providing tailored solutions for your problems and ensure that all their practices adhere to the highest standards of therapeutic competence. We offer therapies for various mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and more at suitable price plans.  

Along with upholding a place for clinical excellence, it is crucial to be approachable and human and build equitable and ethical connections with each client.

Meet The Team

What Makes Us Unique

As a multi-lingual team, we offer interventions in Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and English. Our team offer therapy in a varied range of practice locations, which include Knightsbridge, Chancery Lane, North London and Liverpool Street

We acknowledge for some of our clients there are taboos associated with the stigma of mental health for various reasons and a therapeutic setting can make therapy inaccessible.


Our team of experts would like to offer such clients our VIP PACKAGE. This includes therapy within the comfort of your home. For more details please enquire further. Visits also include aboard. Our team will assess your individual’s needs and goals that can be met through the care package.

Our team offers assessment and therapy in the City, adjacent to Liverpool Street station. We work from 7 am until 10 pm. All appointments can be arranged within 24 hours. We also work over weekends.

Schedule A Free Virtual

Consultation Now

On-line therapy allows you to receive therapeutic support from the comfort of your own home. This service is ideal for anyone who is not able to have therapy in person frequently, or who has a hectic lifestyle and needs a flexible approach to therapy.

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