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Psychosexual Disorder

What are Psychosexual Disorders

Psychosexual disorders are a variety of issues involving sex. The underlying causes could be either psychological or physical or a mix of both leading acute or chronic psychosexual in which can be temporary or for long term.

Usually there are three types of disorders such as sexual dysfunction, Paraphilias which suggests an untypical sexual act, and gender identity dysfunction.

Talking about sexual issues may seem tricky, but with the correct diagnosis care, sexual problems can be understood.

Types Of Psychosexual Difficulties

These three types of sexual disorders are found in both men and women

  • Paraphilias – A typical or uncommon sexual behaviour, including a sexual attraction to atypical objects or behaviours, including voyeurism, exhibitionism, sadism, and fetishism, among others.


  • Sexual dysfunction - Sexual avoidance and addiction to sexual activity, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, painful sex, and lack of sexual desire.


  • Gender identity disorder - Gender identity problems, also referred to as gender dysphoria, are very distressing when people do not identify in the sex that they were born with.


What Are The Basis Of Psychosexual Obstacles?

Psychosexual disorders are usually happened due to factors such as environmental, psychological and physical and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish one from another.

This may happen due to experiencing emotions such as anxiety, stress, melancholic and often are built up which can be shown through emotional and physical damage leading to poor body image.

Some of the well-known causes of psychosexual issues are:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Cultural interferences irreligion

  • Emotional and physical damage.


If you speculate that your sex life may be a cause of you feeling down on your overall mental wellbeing, Psychosexual therapy may be a good option for you.

It is easy to assume that the causes of psychosexual disorders stem from the physical aspect. However, there are underlying psychological factors that could explain psychosexual issues.

What is Psychosexual Therapy?


Psychosexual therapy is a session where you can talk about any difficulties about your sex life and discussing any correlations between psychological and physical.

How does it work?


Psychosexual therapy is either offered online or face to face with your therapist by giving you a chance to talk about unspoken areas of your sex life and discuss other factors that are not related your sex life.

You may wonder, what the aim of speaking about other topics not related to your sex life. However, this gives you the opportunity to explore factors which may contribute to your overall wellbeing.


According to this, psychosexual therapy is a good choice for you where you can talk about anything thats concerning you


Treatment For Psychosexual Disorder In London

combines treatments based on the most recent clinical data with personalised regimens. A patient's entire lifestyle, sexual history, and experiences must be taken into consideration when developing a customised treatment plan that uses a variety of psychological as well as physical therapies.

The bulk of sexual issues are brought on by a confluence of psychological and physical variables. The majority of patients need an integrated treatment strategy that combines medical and psychosocial therapy to address underlying problems. According to research, outcomes are noticeably improved whenever psychosexual therapy is paired with the proper medicine.

In order to help you the best in your recovery, we have the knowledge to approach the assistance and treatment we provide for your psychosexual issues in a personalised and flexible way.

Topics to Mention During Your Sessions

Never forget that you don't have to go into a psychosexual session of therapy prepared to discuss the root of your issues. Since you don't even know what caused the issue, you might assume that you wouldn't know what to discuss about. Since you don't know the cause, you may assume that there's not much to talk about


Psychosexual therapy is specifically used for this purpose. Finding the problem and a treatment that is effective for you is the goal. Because of this, no subject is off limits. Your story is special; therefore a few subjects you could want to discuss:


  • Your perspectives on sex, gender, and your physical appearance

  • prior sexual encounters

  • Childhood

  • You have inquiries regarding sex and relationships.

  • Problems in your current or past relationships; any fears or angst

  • Depression

  • Infidelity

  • Sexual function and performance


You can share and explore your worries during these sessions in a secure setting in an effort to discover a solution with your therapist.

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