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Dr Liliya Korallo

Liliya Korallo

Dr Liliya Korallo is a highly-experienced adult psychologist, lecturer and researcher with specialty interests in Psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and PTSD. Her clinical focus includes, inter alia, providing Consultation and treatment for clients with Borderline Personality Disorders, Psychosis and other mental health presentations, Psychoeducation to clients who have members of their families diagnosed with  BPD and Psychosis, Supervision and teaching at the University of Exeter (Personality Disorders, Psychosis and Bi-polar Disorders), Psychological assessments/reports on medico-legal matters as an expert witness Clinical consultancy to private colleges, including Dulwich College, London.  

In addition to clinical expertise and postgraduate teaching, she is active in providing training/consultancy for corporate clients (see abroad as well as in the UK.

Dr Liliya Korallo
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