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Psychological/Medico-legal reports

DBT-based reports

Our specialists are highly trained in the DBT approach. We have been taught by internationally known DBT specialists, who have in turn been trained by Professor Marsha M. Linehan, the original Founder of DBT. The DBT assessment takes 2-3 hours to complete. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a clearly written report in NHS format which includes a description of your symptoms, background to the problem, diagnosis, formulation of the problem and recommendations for treatment. We will advise you on the type of treatment that is most suitable for you -- whether to take the full DBT treatment (including twelve weeks of group therapy plus individual therapy and telephone coaching), attending group therapy only, taking particular modules only, or having just individual therapy.

Medico-legal reports

In recent years we have produced over 500 psychological reports of a high standard, requested by clients or their solicitors. We can work with clients using, inter alia, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and other Eastern European languages.


We work with

  •  Immigration

  •  Minor and Major road traffic accident

  • Medical neglegence 

  • Extradition

  • Public and Work-related  injuries.  (More detail and redacted examples can be provided on request). 

We offer 3 different packages of Medico-Legal Reports:

Initial medico-legal report package:


  • 1-hour assessment + a 3-page letter summary of the client's presentation including recommendation and treatment for £575.

  • To review other medico-legal reports, read notes or do any additional work, there will be an hourly rate of £150.

  • Payment is required upfront prior to assessment.

  • The cancellation fee within 48 hours of assessment is charged at £200.

Standard medico-legal report package


  • 1.5-hour assessment + up to 2-hour review of medical records, notes and documents

  •  Full report including client background, formulation, presentation diagnosis, treatment and recommendation for £1500.

  • Any additional time spent reviewing medical records will be charged at an hourly rate of £150.

  • The report will be available within 14 working days of the initial assessment.

  • Payment is required upfront prior to assessment.

  • The cancellation fee within 48 hours of assessment is charged at £200.

Express medico-legal report package:


 Standard package with the report being produced within 48 hours of the initial assessment for £2500 

Comprehensive psychological reports

Our specialists are trained to write comprehensive psychological reports that are suitable for use by other psychological or medical professionals. These incorporate detailed background information, a list of issues and the areas of concern, supported by statistical analyses. In addition, they include formulation, prognosis and treatment recommendations in line with NHS standards and requirements.

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