Is your life controlled by your habits?

People often think that we can only become addicted to substances that have physical effects on the body such as alcohol or drugs, but in fact, many activities lead to addictions. For example, we have worked with clients who have become hooked on gambling, shopping, using the internet, pornography, excessive masturbation and sex with strangers, to name but a few.

Whenever you engage in activities that make you feel happy your brain releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals that create an enjoyable ‘high’. This makes you want to repeat that experience, but it can lead to a compulsive and uncontrollable desire for more. For some people, this can create serious negative consequences that, in extreme cases can completely destroy their lives and families. Problems can include depression, sleep disturbances, panic attacks, deteriorating personal relationships, poor work performance and escalating financial problems. 

If you recognise any of the above in your life, contact our helpful professionals who can guide you out of your dilemmas.  We have seen it all before!


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