Eye-Movemement Desensitisation

and Reprocessing

"I'm having a hard time dealing with my traumatic memories"

EMDR therapy is a psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress and trauma. It is an effective treatment for PTSD, but can also be used for eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks and substance abuse disorders.

During EMDR sessions, clients will briefly re-experience the traumatic memories whilst the therapist directs their eye movement. By redirecting their attention, it can reduce the intense physiological response whilst exposed to the memories. Over time, this therapy can help reduce the effect that these thoughts or memories have on you. 

There are 8 phases of EMDR treatment. Once the traumatic memory, or memories, are identified, the therapist will ask the client what negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs they have about themselves before formulating a positive belief. The client will then go through the traumatic memory whilst focussing on a moving external stimulus, guided by the therapist. This can help the client to process the memory fully whilst replacing the negative belief with a more positive one.

Through continued sessions, the therapist and client work together so that the memory becomes no longer disturbing or problematic. This, in turn, can allieviate their distress and remove the block that prevents clients from healing from their traumatic memories. 

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