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Liliya Korallo

Liliya Korallo has a Doctorate in Psychology from Middlesex University and an MSc in Culture and Mental Health from University College London.  She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from New Buckinghamshire University.  She is tri-lingual, speaking English, Russian and Ukrainian.


She is one of the only Russian Speaking psychologist in London and she used to work for the Priory.


At present she works for IMPART, NHS, specialising in treating Bordeline Personality Disorder (BPD). She also sees her clients privately in her office in the City, next to Liverpool Street station.

Dr Korallo has a strong interest in research, having conducted published high impact research into the uses of    Virtual Reality (VR), including the use of virtual environments in treating phobic conditions (such as arachnophobia), with colleagues in Halle University, Germany. She has assisted clients with recovery from brain injury using VR and CBT, and has used VR to improve psychotic patients’ social skills.


Andrew Theophani

Andrew Theophani has a BSc degree in Psychology with Hons, graduating with a first-class from the University of Birmingham. 

He has experience working in a range of mental health and teaching fields, delivering presentations to schools regarding mental health services and PowerPoint assemblies on how to reduce the stigma of mental illness. He has worked as a healthcare assistant in a mental rehabilitation hospital for patients with schizophrenia and personality disorders. He has also worked as a research assistant for a leading educational psychologist on their child developmental study and as a support worker for individuals with severe autism. He knows Makaton sign language.

Currently, he works as a Senior Consultant Assistant Psychologist to Dr Korallo and is undergoing a PGCE in Psychology teaching.

For City Psychological Services, he serves as the marketing and advertising agent and as the social media manager. He has also undergone training in DBT, coordinates with potential clients and colleagues, and writes articles that can be found under the Blog page



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