Borderline Personality Disorder

Skills to manage your BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder clients experience instability in their mood that can change dramatically on a daily basis; relationship difficulties including distrust, fear of rejection and attachment problems; prevailing feelings of emptiness and loneliness; changeable self-concept depending on the situation; behavioural dysregulation including self-harm, suicidal ideation and making suicide attempts.

These are long-standing patterns that often originated in early childhood. Some people are genetically predisposed to experience intense emotions so that invalidating environments, they are especially likely to develop BDP.

Our specialists deliver skills that enable BPD clients to reduce the intensity of the emotions they feel and use those skills to reduce risky behaviours. We have worked in the NHS, in the largest DBT Team in the UK. We work as a team and hold regular consult meetings to ensure that we remain non-judgemental and deliver the most effective support and treatment. We also have monthly supervision with an outside DBT expert.

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Our Approach

We adhere to the following assumptions:

  • Patients are doing the best they can and they want to improve.

  • Patients need to do better, try harder, and be more motivated to change.

  • The lives of suicidal borderline individuals are unbearable.

  • Patients must learn new behaviors in all relevant contexts, and cannot fail in therapy.

  • Therapists need support

Our therapists are non-judgemental; they accept you as you are and help you to change your  unhelpful behaviours

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