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"Why am I anxious about everything?"

Some anxiety is normal. It is a normal response to threat and has evolutionary survival benefits. It keeps you and your family safe. Although we all occasionally encounter situations that provoke panic and fear, for some people anxiety invades their lives, affecting mood, sleep and relationships; it is like an emotional paralysis and debars them from engaging in activities that they could otherwise enjoy. It can leave you distressed and emotionally exhausted.

Sometimes global persistent anxiety is known as Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Perhaps you recognise symptoms of anxiety in yourself such as sweating, racing pulse, hypervigilance, racing thoughts, tremor, pressure in your chest, blurred vision, feeling "on edge" and thinking that something awful might happen. If so, don't worry. You are not alone. It is a common problem in modern society. However, you can overcome these problems by contacting us and having a targeted course of therapy. It teaches you specific skills that will enable you to manage anxiety more effectively and help you to get your life back.


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On-line therapy allows you to receive therapeutic support from the comfort of your own home. This service is ideal for anyone who is not able to have therapy in person frequently, or who has a hectic lifestyle and needs a flexible approach to therapy.

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